Behind the scenes – Jean-Loup Remolif – Logistics

This year to get ready for the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors, we’ll present every week a different sector of the event. This week you’ll meet Jean-Loup Remolif, the « handyman » of the Geneva Tchoukball. He is head of logistics at the event and describes here his tasks before, during and after the event.

Interview done by Grégoire Hürlimann

Please introduce yourself
My name is Jean-Loup Remolif and I discovered tchoukball in 2000. In 2002 I participated for the first time at the Tchouball Geneva Indoors and I was then already member of the staff. My task was to prepare sandwiches. Today I am a player of the Vernier Turtles team and I am one of the few lucky people who work 100% for tchoukball.

What is your function at the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors ?
I am in charge of the logistics team, “the LOG”.

Since when do you hold this role?
Since about 2016-2017. But since 2012 I have been taking care of drawing the zones, storing the flags, transporting the equipment, etc …

At the beginning, Laurent and Florian took care of this sector as volunteers, but given the extent that the event has taken in recent years, it was better to have a full-time person who did not have other professional obligations. I had the opportunity to take that job and took it.

What is your job before, during, and after the tournament?
Just about everything … Before the tournament, the sports center has to be transformed, so a lot of things to do such as setting up the pitches, hanging the flags, setting up commentator and media booths.

During the tournament, we have to transform the pitches according to each category, and to check the proper functioning of the technical equipment. We also do small repairs or readjust the banners if necessary.

After the tournament, our job is to put everything away. We must for example remove the 7 tons of flooring installed on the floor of the Main Field, the 4 tons of tarpaulins, etc …

What are the challenges and the key moments of your function?
The challenge is to recreate and renew everything year after year, trying to bring something new to make the tournament even more magical and spectacular. We also have huge responsibilities, since the safety of the players and the public also depends on us.

The key moment for me is the day of the Nations Cup finals. All the details have to be worked out perfectly, because the quality of the video production is totally dependent on our work.

What other sectors do you collaborate with to carry out your work?
We work with all sectors, since without us they would not have any tents, refrigerators, tools, tables, storage spaces and even no electricity.

Have you ever had a particular, stressful or touching situation that you would like to share with us?
During the event, our job is precisely to deal with unforeseeable situations. We need to be ready for anything from 7am to 11pm, from the month before the tournament until the last item has been put away until next year.

What is your best memory of the Geneva Indoors?
Whenever it comes to the end of the tournament and there weren’t any major problems. We carry heavy responsibilities, for example by installing a tarpaulin weighing more than 300 kilos above 500 spectators.

Aside from this end-of-tournament relief, I have a lot of great times at each edition of the TGI, I have too many to name just one.

The 2021 TGI are fast approaching. After a forced break last year, what moments are you particularly looking forward to for this edition?
I am delighted and looking forward to these 3 months without respite, with 15-hour days, 8 day weeks, and things to do on all sides. Isn’t that the most beautiful of life?