Join the team as referee

One major factor for success of an event is the quality of work performed by its referees. At each edition our aim is to maintain and improve the level of refereeing.

In order to allow players to be as much as possible only players, the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors is recruiting experienced referees from all countries, to referee during the Nations Cup  and the Champions Cup.

The Tchoukball Geneva Indoors offers non-playing referees:

  • Free accommodation
  • Free food & drinks
  • Access to the staff lounge
  • Various other benefits for members of staff

Interested to join us? You have any questions? Please contact our referee coordinator Alexandre Dubois.

Referees of the Nations Cup

Alain Collioud
Alexandre Dubois
Alonso Ormeño
Bastien Anderes
Claude Peter-Contesse
Guillaume Charpentier
Janine Norman
Joachim Fromm
Lionel Cendre
Loic Herinckx
Marchello Pais
Max Hamza
Paolo Dolzani
Pietro Giuliani
Stuart Blakemore
Talita Produit
Thomas Produit