Statistics 2019

The most complete tchoukball statistics available on the web!

Fort the first time since the organisation of the fist international tchoukball tournaments in the 1970s you today have the opportunity to simply access the statistics of so many games from the same competition. Thanks to the detailed information included in the “Score-Box” you’ll be able to learn a lot about the tactics of the teams, the capacities of the players, the number of errors done by each placer and each team and much more.

I would like to express my congratulations to the statistics and communication teams of the nations Cup for their dedication and the professional quality of the work accomplished.

Just select below one of the games played on the main field of the Nations Cup 2019 and you’ll discover information about tchoukball as you probably never have seen before.

Daniel Buschbeck
President of the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors and the Nations Cup



TPE B – TPE A: 65-75

3rd place final

Italy B – Switzerland A: 47-69


Chinese Taipei A – Switzerland A 81-48

Chinese Taipei B – Italy B: 62-40

Ranking – semifinal 5th place

France – Switzerland B: 41-49


Switzerland A – Italy A: 58-54

Chinese Taipei A – Italy B: 80-44

Chinese Taipei B – Italy A: 67-52

Chinese Taipei B – France: 78-31

Chinese Taipei A – UK: 84-39

Switzerland B – Chinese Taipei A: 35-89

Switzerland - Chinese Taipei B: 56-73




Switzerland - Italy: 31-43

Italy - UK: 46-31

Switzerland - Germany: 60-22


Switzerland - UK: 51-27

Italy - Germany: 59-33

UK - France: 49-34

Germany – Hong Kong M18: 49-44

CH M18 – Hong Kong M18: 35-61

Boys M18


Switzerland A – Italy A: 61-57


Hong Kong A – Italy A: 47-64