A logo for the Nations Cup

The Tchoukball Geneva Indoors is growing and the various tournaments organised as part of this great event respond more and more to the desires and motivations of different players who participate:

  • The popular teams play with passion and good humour in the Open, Open Women and Senior tournaments.
  • The juniors, who are the future of our sport, can enjoy this event by taking part in school tournaments and M10, M12, M15 and M18 tournaments.
  • The players of the elite clubs confront each other with commitment in the Champions Cup.

As for the Nations Cup, it is the flagship tournament of the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors which brings together each year in Geneva a selection of the best national teams from all around the world. Today, thanks to the very professional audio-visual infrastructures set up and regularly improved, it is probably, after the world championships, the most followed tchoukball event in the world. It is becoming more and more visible to the media and the entire Tchoukball community. It is around this event that we will focus communication for the media, social networks and the general public. To do so, we have created a specific logo for the Nations Cup that we are proud to present to you today.