Meet Alexandre Dubois – new head of refereeing of the Nations Cup

Today we are pleased to announce that Alexandre Dubois has accepted to join us as head of refereeing of the Nations Cup.

Many will already know Alex from the playing field, but we believe only a few realise the incredible career as tchoukball player he has achieved, both on national and international level. Alex has marked the Swiss national competitions fore more than a decade. He has won the Swiss national championship 7 times, between 2011 and 2016 five times in a row. Same goes for the Swiss Cup, so Alex can claim himself double champion for 5 consecutive years.

His international career is as impressive. His first international experience was the 2004 World Championships in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, as part of the Swiss U18 junior team. 2005 he joined the Swiss men team and took part in the first beach tchoukball championships in Geneva. Since then he has never missed an international event of the Swiss men team, contributing over all these years to the team, through his excellent level of play as well as his open, friendly and inclusive personality.

The referee whistle has also no secrets for Alex, as he used it for the first time in 2005 and has since then often and regularly contributed to ensuring excellent playing conditions for players, thanks to his refereeing.

Today the organisation team of the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors is very pleased to welcome Alex within our team. Alex will take over the responsibility of coordinating all referring from Thomas Produit, whom we thank for the excellent work he has done over the last years.

In a first statement Alex confirmed that he is looking forward to contributing to the success of the Nations Cup. He is aware that ensuring a high quality in refereeing is key to a successful event. This summer he will now first enjoy participating to his last World Championships in Malaysia in August and will after that take up the challenges of his new role.

We take the opportunity of this article to remind that for international non-playing referees, who would wish to join us in Geneva in December 2019, we offer free accommodation, food and all other benefits our member of staff receive. Please see here for more information, or directly ask Alex for more details.

Alex, welcome to your new role – the whole team is looking forward to working with you!