Seightseeing in Switzerland




On this second day of touring, you will discover cheese production in Gruyère, a medieval village known worldwide for its cheese.




Later on, you will visit the world-famous Cailler chocolate factory. During this visit you will take part in a guided tour which will make you discover the history of chocolate. During the visit you will of course be offered a tasting of this Swiss chocolate.




Afterwards, weather permitting, you will be mobilised to go to the mountains, at an altitude of exactly 2971 metres, to take part in an excursion to the top of the Alps.




Afterwards, you will go to Geneva Pâquis where you can board the little yellow taxi boats that leave in all directions.




Finally, before returning to Geneva, you will visit the Olympic Museum, which traces the entire history of the world’s greatest sporting competition, the Olympic Games. This activity is very popular with students who are passionate about the world of sport.