School tournaments 7P & 8P – Wednesday 18th December

Ranking 7P & 8P

Results 7P & 8P


Practical information

Rules junior

FAQ in French


Th registration is closed. Please check your teams to make sure that they are in the correct category and all teams have been registered

If you have any questions, please contact Erika Mesmer.


[: fr] Queue d’Arve centre sportif [: fr] Centre SPORTIF DE LA Queue d’Arve

Schedule of 15th December

8.30 – Arrival of participants

9.15 – Official welcome then start of matches

 – No later than 16:30 a.m.: end of the matches

17.00 – Departure of participants

Game plan

Will be published 10 days prior to the tournament

Tchoukball material by Tchoukball Promotion

During the TGI I Tchoukball Promotion stand will be available. You’ll find plenty of tchoukball material such as knee pads or balls, etc… The material of this catalogue can also be ordered at the stand.

Furthermore you’ll be able to print at exceptional prices names and numbers of your choice to shirts, t-shirts, trainings, etc….

Snacks and Meals

You’ll find our snack bar at the sports centre, and we invite you to enjoy it. You’ll be able to enjoy our last selection and will help our organisation at the same time.

Registered teams

7P - Champions

NumberTeamEcoleTeam leaderState of registration
1Les Eagles de CBChêne-BougeriesSwann ObersonConfirmé
1Les Warriors de CBChêne-BougeriesSwann ObersonConfirmé
2Les guépards de Liotard 1LiotardHafize ALI HASSANConfirmé
3Les guépards de Liotard 2LiotardHafize ALI HASSANConfirmé
4TroinexTroinexElodie Ribeiro Confirmé
5Poneys a paillettesSaint-JeanAdel NaounConfirmé
6Loups blancsSaint-JeanAdel NaounConfirmé
7White tigersSaint-JeanAdel NaounConfirmé
8St-JeanSaint-JeanAdel NaounConfirmé
9Les AventurinesGenêts Manuel LoupConfirmé
10Les AmazonitesGenêts Manuel LoupConfirmé

7P - Découverte

NumberTeamEcoleTeam leaderState of registration
1Ecolint - Nations 1Ecolint - NationsKevin O'ByrneConfirmé
2Ecolint - Nations 2Ecolint - NationsKevin O'ByrneConfirmé
3Ecolint - Nations 3 Ecolint - NationsDavid BarrettConfirmé
4Troinex 1TroinexElodie Ribeiro Confirmé
5Troinex 2TroinexElodie Ribeiro Confirmé
6Les TopazesGenêtsManuel LoupConfirmé
7Les OnyxGenêtsManuel LoupConfirmé
8Les poussins d'AïreAïreCristina Tosio Confirmé
9Les TaureauxAïreCristina TosioConfirmé

8P - Champions

NumberTeamEcoleTeam leaderState of registration
1Chêne-Bougeries 8PChêne-BougeriesSwann ObersonConfirmé
2La Team RacletteChêne-BougeriesSwann ObersonConfirmé
3Les CoxinhaChêne-BougeriesSwann ObersonConfirmé
4DasaySaint-JeanAdel NaounConfirmé
5St-Jean 1Saint-JeanAdel NaounConfirmé
6St-Jean 2Saint-JeanAdel NaounConfirmé
7Balles jaunesSaint-JeanAdel NaounConfirmé
8St-Jean 3Saint-JeanAdel NaounConfirmé
9Seujet 1SeujetAdel NaounConfirmé
10Les RequinsGenêtsManuel LoupConfirmé
11Les Tigres GenêtsManuel LoupConfirmé
12Les GuépardsGenêtsManuel LoupConfirmé
13Les LionsGenêtsManuel LoupConfirmé
14Aïre ChampionsAïreCristina TosioConfirmé

8P - Découverte

NumberTeamEcoleTeam leaderState of registration
1OP1Onex-ParcC. Corbin et M. MassarottoConfirmé
2OP2Onex-ParcC. Corbin et M. MassarottoConfirmé
3OP3Onex-ParcC. Corbin et M. MassarottoConfirmé
4OP4Onex-ParcC. Corbin et M. MassarottoConfirmé
5OP5Onex-ParcC. Corbin et M. MassarottoConfirmé
6OP6Onex-ParcC. Corbin et M. MassarottoConfirmé
7La Team FranchisesFranchisesLorena Crespo Confirmé
8La super Team FranchisesFranchisesLorena Crespo Confirmé
9GrrressyCressyDamien LuisierConfirmé
10Cress'is best!CressyDamien LuisierConfirmé
11Les 5 toc-toc-tocSaint-JeanAdel NaounConfirmé
12Seujet 2SeujetAdel NaounConfirmé
13Les LoupsGenêtsManuel Loup Confirmé
14Les OursGenêtsManuel Loup Confirmé
15Les AiglesGenêtsManuel Loup Confirmé
16Les ScorpionsAïreLise Vivien FreyConfirmé
17Les Golden State WarriorsAïreLise Vivien FreyConfirmé
18Les LionsGenêtsManuel LoupConfirmé