Visitors information 2023

1416 December 2023

Sports centre Queue d’Arve

Free entry

Thursday 14th December - Opening games

19:30– Opening game men
Switzerland A – Swiss M21
20:40 – Opening game women
Switzerland – Switzerland M18

Friday 15th December – Groupe Stage & Quarter-finals

Group Stage Men
9:00 AM – 2:50 PM
Quarter Final Men
5:10 PM – 8:40 PM
Group Stage Women
9:00 AM – 2:50 PM
Quarter Final Women
6:20 PM – 8:40 PM

Saturday 17th December – Semi-finals & Finals

Semi-Finals Women
1:40 PM & 2:50 PM
Semi-Finals Men
11:20 AM & 12:30 AM
Final Women
8:10 PM
Final Men
7:00 PM

Men's game plan

Women's game plan

restoration & shop


Snacks (every day)
Sandwiches, Paninis, Hot-dogs, Fruits, Drinks  and much more.
Hot Meals

Saturday 9th December : Veggie Lasagna & Letuce

Thursday 14th December : Chicken Curry with Rice and Letuce OR Cannelloni e Spinaci

Friday 15th December : Pork with Tomatoes and Beans OR Couscous with vegetables 

Swiss Night
– Sunday 10th December: Swiss Night (Raclette)
– Saturday 16th December: Swiss Night (Raclette)


Tchoukball Promotion
Balls, Knee pads, Frames, Club jerseys with flocking (TBCG, Dragons, Puplinge, Onex ...)
Geneva Indoors
Training or city T-Shirts and bag with flocked name +  logo, Pens, Keyrings, Post-its, Beanies with flocked logo...