Seightseeing in Geneva




On your sightseeing expedition, you will take the panoramic path along the water and see Lake Geneva end and the Rhône begin just outside the city.




Later on in your sightseeing expedition, you will have the opportunity to get to a place where you will have the most beautiful view of the “Jet d’Eau”. Indeed, you will then be in a nice spot, with the Jet d’Eau in front of you – a perfect place to take a group photo.




Afterwards, you will go to Geneva Pâquis where you can board the little yellow taxi boats that leave in all directions.




You will then head towards the most majestic Christmas market in Geneva. You will enjoy a magnificent walk through a park immersed in the Christmas lights!




Further on in your expedition you will pass through the English gardens where you will find the famous “flower clock”, a symbol of plant Geneva. This clock was created in 1955 from thousands of flowers and has become a reference in the world.



Before concluding the day, you will have the opportunity to take a walk through the old town or to continue through the shopping street to indulge in some shopping.




To conclude this magnificent first day of the expedition, you will go to the place where the famous inventor of Tchoukball, Dr Hermmann Bradnt, lived. You will then walk to the Queue d’Arve Sports Centre, the venue for the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors.