Nations Cup – semi-finalists are known

The qualifying phase of the Nations Cup is over. Throughout the day we have experienced high quality matches at the sports center of La Queue d’Arve. Many games were filmed – see these matches again on the Youtube channel of Tchoukball Promotion.

The women’s competition will see the following teams tomorrow Saturday 15th December in the semi-finals:

11: 10: Taiwan – Europe
12: 20: Switzerland – Italy

In the men’s competition, we will have the opportunity to live a 100% Asian semi-final, as the two Taiwanese teams will play one against the other. The games tomorrow will be:

13: 30: Taiwan 1 – Taiwan 2
14: 40: Italy 1 – Switzerland

For all those who cannot join us at the Sports Center of the Queue d’Arve in Geneva, these matches will be broadcast on our Youtube channel.

Starting at 5:30 pm, the final evening of the Champions Cup will start with the finale 3rd place men at 5:15 pm, the women’s final at 6:30 pm and the men’s final at 7:45 pm. These three games will be broadcast live by RTS Sport.