A new page of the tchoukball history was written in December 2019

Daniel Buschbeck, president of the organisation committee of the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors, shared with us his thoughts, following the event:

“The people who closely follow the development of world tchoukball have noticed that the 2019 edition of the Nations Cup and the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors were an event which will serve as example for all important international tchoukball competitions of tomorrow!

In Geneva, in December 2019, we for example saw:

  • The most professional tchoukball field that I have ever seen!
  • A large TV/video production and broadcasting team, who used the takes of the 8 cameras in a very professional way!
  • Commentator teams, who simultaneously commentated the games of the Nations Cup in 3 languages: Chinese, English and French!
  • A “media center” who during the full length of the event regularly communicated in the most professional way possible about the competition!
  • 245 teams who participated in the same place to a tchoukball competition
  • A collaboration with TV channels of other countries interested to broadcast our games live on their own channels!
  • And much more…

In almost 25 years of implication with our sport, I have never seen this in any other tchoukball event around the world.

So even if not everybody sees it yet, every edition of the Geneva Indoors and the Nations Cup allows us to write a new page in the history of our sport, by allowing players, the public, the media, the TV-spectators to experience a setting and atmosphere that is worldwide unique. And we hope that we will be able to see this more often in the largest international competitions of our sport!

In order to ensure that the future is even more inspiring, since the beginning of the year we analyse in detail the experiences done in December 2019 in order to continue to surprise you and to present you in December 2020 with a Geneva Indoors and a Nations Cup even more magical. On your side, start to prepare now, so that you are ready in less than 11 months for our 24th edition.

In the meantime I would like to congratulate and thank the following:

  • The communication team and the team in charge of welcoming all teams, who contributed to the explosion in the number of players participating, coming from 10 different countries.
  • The logistics team, who carried and installed tons of material and who, with their detail oriented way of working, transformed the Queue d’Arve sports centre in a temple of worldwide tchoukball.
  • The photography team, who managed to put in place the necessary organisation so that the 1’800 participants of the TGI 2019 could leave after their tournament, with their own picture of themselves and their team.
  • All the teachers, who commit themselves in a wonderful way, so that their pupils could experience the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors.
  • The people in the snack bar, kitchen, food, and breakfast teams, who over 8 competition days made sure that nobody went hungry and everybody could even more enjoy the event.
  • The people in charge of financing and accounting, who make sure that we can build this event on stable and sound foundations.
  • The whole animation team and the dancers of CDC Event, for their coolness, their dynamism, their planning capacity and at the same time their flexibility.
  • All members of staff for their energy, their time devoted and their smiles.
  • All decision makers of the City and State fo Geneva, who so often help us in so many different ways and without whom nothing would be possible.
  • All the new, in their special field very competent people who joined our organisation this year and with whom I am looking forward to work again in the future.
  • The TV spectators, who this year significantly increased our audience.
  • The spectators, for the fantastic atmosphere they created in the stadium.
  • The 1800 players from 3 continents, for their participation to this big event.

I am already now looking forward to seeing you again, at the latest in December 2020, for our 24th edition!”