A big THANK YOU to our wonderful staff

Many factors contribute to the success of the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors. Today we would like to take the time and put the spotlight on our wonder full staff. Composed of more than 200 people, they are active in many different sectors. Some come and help for a few hours, some work all year long. Some have very specific tasks, other enjoy helping were a helping hand is needed. Some are very visible on the tournament days, other provide their help in the background, never to be seen in the sports center. They contribute to logistics, strategic planing, finance, restauration, accomodation, referering, communication, cleaning, ceremonies, and all the other many tasks that we forget to list here. A big THANK YOU to all our member of staff for your precious contribution to the success of the TGI.

Here a few pictures, showing a few of our members of staff:


Our partner Swiss Volonteeers did an interview with Daniel Buschbeck about the volounteers at the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors. The interview (in French) is below: