Junior tournament M14, M16 & M18 – Sunday 10th december

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Schedule of 10th December

  • 9.30 am: Welcome for junior teams M14/M16/M18
  • 10.00 am: Start of the M14/M16/M18 junior tournaments
  • 5.00 pm: Final of the junior M14 tournament
  • 5.20 pm: Junior M16 tournament final
  • 5.40 pm: Junior M18 tournament final
  • 6.15 pm: Closing ceremony/Prize-giving ceremony
  • 7.00 pm: Swiss Night

Tchoukball material by Tchoukball Promotion

During the TGI I Tchoukball Promotion stand will be available. You’ll find plenty of tchoukball material such as knee pads or balls, etc… The material of this catalogue can also be ordered at the stand.

Furthermore you’ll be able to print at exceptional prices names and numbers of your choice to shirts, t-shirts, trainings, etc….

Snacks and Meals

You’ll find our snack bar at the sports centre, and we invite you to enjoy it. You’ll be able to enjoy our last selection and will help our organisation at the same time.

Registered teams

M14 Tournament

NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Geneva Dragons (CH)Yanis BruhinRegistered
2Team UK Lions (UK)Ian ParkerRegistered
3Team UK Bears (UK)Ian ParkerRegistered
4España (ES)David GarciaRegistered
5Hispania (ES)Sergio Avila GarcíaRegistered
6Iberia (ES)Ignacio Gómez del PozoRegistered
7UKS Jastrzębie (PL)PAWEŁ ŁYŻWARegistered
8Charmilles Fusion (CH)Amin LadimiRegistered
9Charmilles Titans (CH)Amin LadimiRegistered
10Lancy (CH)Daniel BuschbeckRegistered
11Chancy (CH)Deyan AlojevicRegistered
12Puplinge (CH)Deyan AljojevicRegistered
13Roches (CH)Unai CorreaRegistered
14Aïre (CH)Cédric VuagnatRegistered
15Hugo de Senger (CH)Jean-Loup RemolifRegistered
16Meyrin (CH)Thijs KosRegistered
17La Roja (ES)David GarciaRegistered
18Flammies (CH)Mirjam BartelsRegistered
19Rovellothunder (IT)Fabrizio CapraniRegistered
20Epic team (CH)Jérôme ChopardRegistered
21Köniz (CH)Elori BaumeRegistered
22Les Faucons (FR)Laurent BellenguezRegistered
23GT College (HK)Richard YiuRegistered
24GTEYC (HK)Richard YiuRegistered
25Les Comtois (FR)Simon LethierRegistered
26St Benoit 1 (RE)Ary Lieon KaoRegistered
27St Benoit 2 (RE)Ary Lieon KaoRegistered
28Tchoukids (FR)Guillaume GirandRegistered
29Les Phoenix (FR)Mathis BarbierRegistered
30Genève (CH)Erika MesmerRegistered

M16 Tournament

NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Geneva Dragons M16 (CH)Jevan NguyenRegistered
2Blue Teens (DE)Alexander JägerRegistered
3Team UK Eagles M16 (UK)Ian ParkerRegistered
4Team UK Falcons M16 (UK)Ian ParkerRegistered
5España (ES)Alberto Fernandez SaumellRegistered
6Lancy (CH)Hugo BuschbeckRegistered
7Vernier Turtles Juniors (CH)Adonis TesfamariamRegistered
8Genève Charmilles (CH)Amin LadimiRegistered
9Geneva Dragons M15 (CH)Yanis Bruhin (CH)Registered
10Val-de-Ruz (CH)Helfer MatthieuRegistered
11PiraNyon (CH)Réanne Maspero
12Hungary (HU)Anita KunosRegistred
13Carouge (CH)Guillaume CharpentierRegistred
14TBCC (CH)Justin Chanel Registred
15Delémont 1 (CH)Jules RaisRegistred
16Delémont 2 (CH)Jules RaisRegistred
17GT College (HK)Richard YiuRegistred
18GTEYC (HK)Richard YiuRegistred
19Castorbe (CH)Ylan Dijkstra Registred

M18 Tournament

NumberTeamTeam LeaderState of registration
1Geneva Dragons M18 (CH)Yanis BruhinRegistered
2ASC Weimar (DE)Stefan AnhaltRegistered
3Team UK (UK)Ian ParkerRegistered
4Geneva Dragons M17 (CH)Syméon NewellRegistered
5España M18 (ES)Javier de DonpabloRegistered
6PiraNyon M18 (CH)Réanne Maspero
7Fribourg (CH)Achile CavaleriRegistered
8Delémont (CH)Louis PetermannRegistered