Junior tournaments – Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th

Practical information

Flyer junior tournaments 2022

Rules junior

M8, M10 & M12 tournament

Saturday 10th December


9.30          Welcome M12 teams
10.00        Start of game
10.45        Welcome M10 teams
11.30        Start of game
14.00        Welcome M8 teams
14.30        Start of game
16.15        End of games
16.20        Clossing ceremony
17.00        End of the day

Queue d’Arve
sports centre

M8, M10 & M12 match plan

M14, M16 & M18 tournament

Sunday 11th December

8.45          Welcome teams
9.20          Start of games
17.00        Finals
18.00        Clossing ceremony
18.45        End of the day

Queue d’Arve
sports centre

M14, M16 & M18 match plan

Tchoukball material by Tchoukball Promotion

During the TGI I Tchoukball Promotion stand will be available. You’ll find plenty of tchoukball material such as knee pads or balls, etc… The material of this catalogue can also be ordered at the stand.

Furthermore you’ll be able to print at exceptional prices names and numbers of your choice to shirts, t-shirts, trainings, etc….


Registered teams


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Trembley (CH)Amin LadimiConfirmé
2Mail (CH)Unai CorreaConfirmé
3Genève 1 (CH)Daniel BuschbeckConfirmé
4Etang (CH)Daniel BuschbeckConfirmé
5Genève 2 (CH)Daniel BuschbeckConfirmé
6PARA (CH)Unai CorreaConfirmé


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Allières 1 (CH)Erika MesmerConfirmed
2Allières 2 (CH)Erika MesmerConfirmed
3Puplinge (CH)Deyan AlojevicConfirmed
4Mail 1 (CH)Unai CorreaConfirmed
5Mail 2 (CH)Unai CorreaConfirmed
6Chancy 1 (CH)Ulysse SanchezConfirmed
7Chancy 2 (CH)Ulysse SanchezConfirmed
8Liotard (CH)Agathe HalegoiConfirmed
9Trembley (CH)Amin LadimiConfirmed
10Franchises (CH)Unai CorreaConfirmed
11Rosseraie (CH)Lydia FavreConfirmed
12Vernier (CH)Cédric VuagnatConfirmed
13Genève 1 (CH)Daniel BuschbeckConfirmed
14Genève 2 (CH)Daniel BuschbeckConfirmed


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1ABCC Tchoukball 1 (RE)Ary Lieon KaoConfirmed
2ABCC Tchoukball 2 (RE)Ary Lieon KaoConfirmed
3ABCC Tchoukball 3 (RE)Ary Lieon KaoConfirmed
4Europe (CH)Cédric VuagnatConfirmed
5Trembley 1 (CH)Amin LadimiConfirmed
6Trembley 2 (CH)Amin LadimiConfirmed
7Chancy 1 (CH)Ulysse SanchezConfirmed
8Chancy 2 (CH)Ulysse SanchezConfirmed
9Aïre 1 (CH)Cédric VuagnatConfirmed
10Aïre 2 (CH)Cédric VuagnatConfirmed
11Pré-Picot (CH)Deyan AlojevicConfirmed
12Roseraie (CH)Lydia FavreConfirmed
13Puplinge (CH)Ulysse SanchezConfirmed
14Liotard (CH)Rafaela MendezConfirmed
15Micheli (CH)Deyan AlojevicConfirmed
16Meyrin (CH)Thijs KosConfirmed
17Sécheron (CH)Unai CorreaConfirmed
18Mail (CH)Unai CorreaConfirmed
19Roches (CH)Unai CorreaConfirmed
20Carouge (CH)Maxime FaslerConfirmed
21Genève (CH)Daniel BuschbeckConfirmed
22GT College (HK)Richard YiuConfirmed
23UK Lions (UK)Ian ParkerConfirmed
24UK Dragons (UK)Ian ParkerConfirmed
25Chancy 3 (CH)Ulysse SanchezConfirmed


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Chancy (CH)Ulysse SanchezConfirmed
2Lancy Plateau (CH)Arnaud HurlimannConfirmed
3Liotard (CH)Rafaela MendezConfirmed
4Cayla (CH)Amin LadimiConfirmed
5Pâquis (CH)Arnaud HurlimannConfirmed
6Onex Bosson (CH)Megna NagarajanConfirmed
7Roches / Puplinge (CH)Unai CorreaConfirmed
8Carouge (CH)Guillaume CharpentierConfirmed
9UK Bears (UK)Ian ParkerConfirmed
10UK Eagles (UK)Ian ParkerConfirmed
11Otwock 1 (PL)Paweł ŁyżwaConfirmed
12Otwock 2 (PL)Paweł ŁyżwaConfirmed
13GT College (HK)Richard YiuConfirmed
14GTEYC (HK)Richard YiuConfirmed
15GTC Girls (HK)Richard YiuConfirmed
16Les Faucons (FR)Laurent BellenguezConfirmed
17TB Spain M14 (ES)David Garcia CastroConfirmed
18TB Hispania (ES)Ignacio Gómez Del Pozo
19Les Phoenix (FR)Angelini Alain
20Epic Bulle (CH)Jerome Chopard
21FriBulle (CH)Cavaleri CristianaConfirmed
22Köniz 1 (CH)Baume EloriConfirmed
23Köniz 2 (CH)Baume EloriConfirmed
24AS Thonon (FR)Pierre CouturierConfirmed


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1ASC Weimar (DE)Stefan AnhaltConfirmed
2Vernier (CH)Adonis TesfamariamConfirmed
3Meyrin (CH)Thijs KosConfirmed
4Dragons M16 (CH)Deyan AlojevicConfirmed
5Genève (CH)Ulysse SanchezConfirmed
6Hungary (HU)Anita KunosConfirmed
7United Kingdom (UK)Ian ParkerConfirmed
8TB Spain M16 (ES)Sergio Ávila García Confirmed
9SG Urbich (DE)Alexander JägerConfirmed
10Val-de-Ruz (CH)Helfer MatthieuConfirmed
11Les Phoenix (FR)Alain AngeliniConfirmed
12Delémont 1 (CH)Claude-Alain BaumeConfirmed
13Delémont 2 (CH)Claude-Alain BaumeConfirmed
14PiraNyon (CH)Alexandra AraujoConfirmed
15VTA (CH)SamuelConfirmed


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Dragons M18 A (CH)David GoConfirmed
2Dragons M18 B (CH)Ulysse SanchezConfirmed
3GT College (HK)Richard YiuConfirmed
4Geneva Dragons (CH)Yanis BruhinConfirmed
5Delémont (CH)Claude-Alain BaumeConfirmed
6Fribourg (CH)Cristiana CavaleriConfirmed