Global Tchoukball Forum: 19 – 20 December 2020

On the five continents extraordinary projects are realised thanks to excellent ideas and passionate women and men who make them happen.
In the fields of education in schools, the high level sports performance, the promotion of values in sports, the development of tchoukball activities many initiatives around the world have been launched and realised with success.
At the “Global Tchoukball Forum” you will discover captivating stories! We would like to give you the opportunity to better understand the obstacles that these pioneers had to overcome and the secret of success of the actions they undertook.

Speakers on Saturday 19th December

A captivating, rewarding and unforgettable life experience with the “Volunteer coach program” – Africa

M. Julio Calegari – Director of development of the International Tchoukball Federation

Around the world, nobody has as much contributed to introduce tchoukball in more countries on the five continents than Julio Calegari! Since more than 20 years he has traveled around the world to help in always a action-oriented way thousands of people to develop tchoukball in their country. On the African continent he has, with patience and competence, supported the development of tchoukball in the 25 countries that our sport is present in today. He will present the “Volunteer coach program for Africa”, which he has developed. This has allowed coaches from several countries around the world to come to African countries and help the development of tchoukball as well as experience wonderful cultural exchanges.

Inclusive tchoukball: Discover the special way we play in Hungary

Mrs Anita KunosPresident Hungarian Tchoukball Federation

One of the many ways of promoting tchoukball in Hungary is to use our sport in rehabilitation centres to help people to recover from injuries. Anita Kunos will present the interesting and inclusive way of playing tchoukball, mixing players with and without wheelchairs.

Listen to Michel Favre talking about his first meeting with Dr. Hermann Brandt in 1968 - Switzerland

Mr. Michel Favre – Honorary President FITB and Swiss Tchoukball

Michel Favre met Dr. Hermann Brandt in 1968 and he remembers this day as if it was yesterday! Listen to him tell us about these first meetings as well as the thoughts which guide Hermann Brandt and Michel Favre while defining the tchoukball rules as we know them today.

Change the world of sports thanks to the values of tchoukball - Philippines

Mr. Raymund Jamelo – President of the Philippines Tchoukball Federation

Hermann Brandt, the inventor of tchoukball, already clearly state in 1971, “The aim of sports is not to systematically create champions, but to contribute to building a meaningful human society.” It is with this conviction that Raymund Jamelo uses the values of tchoukball to change the world of sports. Discover his actions and his results!

Teaching Tchoukball culture in schools for a sustainable development - Ivory Coast

Mr Dazi Conet Theodore Kouassi

Teachers know how to teach children. Therefore Dazi Kouassi is convinced that if the teachers know tchoukball and understand the values of the sport, they can pass on this knowledge to their students and so spread tchoukball to schools in the Ivory Coast.

Promote tchoukball in the schools all around the country, thanks to new online tools – United Kingdom

Mrs. Janine Norman – Head of development Tchoukball UK

Janine Norman is physical education teacher and involved with the UK tchoukball association since many years.Discover how she uses new online means to promote tchoukball with physical education teachers all around the country.

Speakers on Sunday 20th December

The keys to the extraordinary development of tchoukball in Tunisia - Tunisia

Mr. Nooman El Gabsi – President Tchoukball Tunisia

Starting from nothing a few years ago, Tunisia is today one of the countries in the world, where tchoukball is developing fastest. Discover the strategy which was put in place to achieve this extraordinary success!

Le joy of playing tchoukball has no age limit - Switzerland

Mrs Erika Mesmer – Vice presidente Tchoukball Geneva Indoors

Since more than 25 years Erika Mesmer is active in tchoukball and is known by a large public for her role as person in charge of welcoming all teams to the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors. She passes on her passion for our sports since many years through training courses the groups she is training herself. Today she shares with us her experience with children under 6 years and seniors over 70. You will see, the joy of playing tchoukball has no age limit!

From wooden frames to the World Championships - Cameroon

Mr. Jean-Francis Gwade – President Cameroon Tchoukball Association

This is the impressive story of a team that started playing our sport by building wooden tchoukball frames and who less than 10 years later participated to the world championships. Listen to Jean-Francis Gwade tell us this incredible journey.

Use tchoukball to promote social, environnemental and cultural aspects. - France

Mr. Victor Vanderf – Educator Unis Vers Tchouk & Co

Victor Vanderf will talk to us about a special meeting place his association Unis Vers Tchouk & Co have created. We’ll see how tchoukball helps in strengthening the bonds between the city and countryside and in promoting environmental and cultural activities.

Progress of the Wheelchair tchoukball project - Italy

Mrs. Chiara Volonté – Vice-president FITB

Since 2006 Chiara Volonté has been key in promoting wheelchair tchoukball. You have now the opportunity to understand the challenges she and her team have faced while developing the rules and the importance of making the correct adjustments to make the sport attractive and at the same time remaining faithful to the fundamental values of our sport.

How to create the strongest tchoukball team ever - Taiwan

Mr. Shen Szu Fang – Coach of the men national team of Taiwan

Since more than 15 years Coach Fang has won all the most important tchoukball competitions around the world. In the whole history of tchoukball he is the coach who has won the most international titles! Discover the basic elements of this success and how, in your country too, you can build a competitive national team.

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Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th December 2020


From 2pm to ~3.15pm Geneva time 

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Regardless of your age, your country, your experience in tchoukball – you are very welcome to take part in this 1st Global Tchoukball Forum, which will take place online. Register now and take adavantage of this unic opportunity to learn more about the facinating developpment projects which are successfuly realised all over the 5 continents.

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