Junior tournaments – Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th

M10 & M12

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Ranking M12

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M10 & M12 tournament

Saturday 14th December

From 9.00 Welcome
10.00        Start of games
16.15        End of games
16.20        Clossing ceremony
17.00        End of the day

Queue d’Arve
sports centre

M15 & M18 tournament

Sunday 15th December

From 9.00 Welcome
10.00        Start of games
16.15        Finals
17.00        Clossing ceremony
17.45        End of the day

Queue d’Arve
sports centre

Tchoukball material by Tchoukball Promotion

During the TGI I Tchoukball Promotion stand will be available. You’ll find plenty of tchoukball material such as knee pads or balls, etc… The material of this catalogue can also be ordered at the stand.

Furthermore you’ll be able to print at exceptional prices names and numbers of your choice to shirts, t-shirts, trainings, etc….

Snacks and Meals

You’ll find our snack bar at the sports centre, and we invite you to enjoy it. You’ll be able to enjoy our last selection and will help our organisation at the same time.

Registered teams


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Franchises Star (CH)Justine MüllerConfirmed
2Franchises One (CH)Justine MüllerConfirmed
3Montchoisy (CH)Erika MesmerConfirmed
4Liotard (CH)Justine MüllerConfirmed
5Dark Wolves (CH)Jean-Loup RemolifConfirmed
6Trembley 1 (CH)Raquel PedroConfirmed
7Trembley 2 (CH)Raquel PedroConfirmed
8Dragons PdV (FR)Florian GarciaConfirmed
9AS Thonon 1 (FR)Andrew RebourgIn progress
10AS Thonon 2 (FR)Andrew RebourgIn progress
11Micheli (CH)Jean-François RabototConfirmed
12ParaHugo (CH)Jean-François RabototConfirmed
13ParaLiotard 1 (CH)Yanis BruhinConfirmed
14ParaLiotard 2 (CH)Yanis BruhinConfirmed
15ParaTrembley (CH)Amin LadimiConfirmed
16Raptors PdV (FR)Florian GarciaConfirmed


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Franchises (CH)Max GenerowicConfirmed
2Europe Big (CH)Cédric DousseConfirmed
3Europe Stars (CH)Cédric DousseConfirmed
4Trembley (CH)Raquel PedroConfirmed
5Micheli Stars CH)Adam YartaouiConfirmed
6Micheli One (CH)Adam YartaouiConfirmed
7Dark Wolves (CH)Jean-Loup RemolifConfirmed
8Piranyon (CH)Sheila CapriottiConfirmed
9Marignier (FR)Cédric VuagnatConfirmed
10Otwock 1 (PL)Paweł ŁyżwaConfirmed
11Otwock 2 (PL)Paweł ŁyżwaConfirmed
12Liotard (CH)Justine MüllerConfirmed
13Vernier Morsier (CH)Thomas LouisConfirmed
14Carouge (CH)William FinkConfirmed
15Carouge Lions (CH)Marie ThéretazConfirmed
16Sion (CH)Linda BeytrisonConfirmed
17Dragoneuch (CH)Frédéric SaucyConfirmed
18NeuchPanthères (CH)Frédéric SaucyConfirmed
19NeuChameaux (CH)Frédéric SaucyConfirmed
20Faucons (FR)Laurent BellenguezConfirmed
21VDR Colibris (CH)Matthieu HelferConfirmed
22Puplinge (CH)Unai CorreaConfirmed
23Tivoli (CH)Unai CorreaConfirmed
24Köniz+ (CH)Elori BaumeConfirmed


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Red Mambas (CH)Ulysse SanchezConfirmed
2Roches 1 (CH)Jean-François RabototConfirmed
3Chancy Wolves (CH)Yanis BruhinConfirmed
4Chancy Dark (CH)Yanis BruhinConfirmed
5ASC Weimar (DE)Stefan AnhaltConfirmed
6Piranyon 1 (CH)Sheila CapriottiConfirmed
7GT College - Boys (HK)Richard YiuConfirmed
8Morges (CH)Matthieu Pahud Confirmed
9Roches 2 (TN)Jean-François RabototConfirmed
10Vernier-Aïre (CH)Adonis TesfamariamConfirmed
11SG Urbich (DE)Alexander JägerConfirmed
12Cayla Big (CH)Malika EggerConfirmed
13Cayla One (CH)Malika EggerConfirmed
14Hispania (ES)Fatima MartinConfirmed
15Iberia (ES)Fatima MartinConfirmed
16España (ES)Fatima MartinConfirmed
17Fauconaux (FR)Stéphane LaboureauConfirmed
18TBCD (CH)Claude-Alain BaumeConfirmed
19Piranyon 2 (CH)Sheila CapriottiConfirmed
20Fribourg (CH)Christina CavaleriConfirmed
21Trembley (CH)Raquel PedroConfirmed
22Marignier (FR)Cédric VuagnatConfirmed
23Brandt 1 Erika MesmerConfirmed
24Brandt 2Erika MesmerConfirmed


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Geneva Black Mambas (CH)Steven HirtConfirmed
2ASC Weimar (DE)Stefan AnhaltConfirmed
3Tunisie filles (TN)Nooman El GabsiConfirmed
4Tunisie garçons (TN)Nooman El GabsiConfirmed
5Marignier (FR)Cédric VuagnatConfirmed
6GT College - Boys (HK)Richard YiuConfirmed
7GT College - Girls (HK)Richard YiuConfirmed
8Vernier Turtles (CH)Adonis TesfamariamConfirmed
9Sion (CH)Adrien HattConfirmed
10Faucons (FR)Stéphane LaboureauConfirmed

Pictures of 2018

Pictures M10 & M12

Pictures M15 & M18