Junior tournaments – 8th & 9th December

Practical information

Juniors M10 & M12

Saturday 8th December


From 9.00 Welcome
10.00        Start of games
16.15        End of games
16.20        Clossing ceremony
17.00        End of the day

Bois des frères
sports centre

Juniors M15 & M18

Sunday 9th December


 From 9.00 Welcome
10.00        Start of games
16.25        Final M15
16.40        Final M18
17.00        Closing ceremony
17.45        End of day

Bois des frères
sports centre


Sunday 09.12 at 16:25 – Final M15
Sunday 09.12 at 16:40 – Final M18

Rules junior

Tchoukball material by Tchoukball Promotion

During the TGI I Tchoukball Promotion stand will be available. You’ll find plenty of tchoukball material such as knee pads or balls, etc… The material of this catalogue can also be ordered at the stand.

Furthermore you’ll be able to print at exceptional prices names and numbers of your choice to shirts, t-shirts, trainings, etc….

Snacks and Meals

You’ll find our snack bar at the sports centre, and we invite you to enjoy it. You’ll be able to enjoy our last selection and will help our organisation at the same time.

Pictures & Video


Pictures M10-M12


Pictures M15-M18

Game plans

M10 - M12

Information about Groups M10 & M12

M15 - M18

Information aboutGroups M15 & M18

Game plan M10

Game plan M12

Game plan M15

Game plan M18

Final ranking

Final ranking & results M10

Final ranking & results M12

Final ranking M15

Final ranking M18

Registered teams


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Chancy (CH)Jean-Loup RemolifRegistration complete
2Micheli (CH)Ulysse SanchezRegistration complete
3Trembley (CH)Jean-François RabototRegistration complete
4Franchises 1 (CH)Justine MullerRegistration complete
5Liotard (CH)Justine MullerRegistration complete
6Faucons (FR)Laurent BellenguezRegistration complete
7Trembley-Aïre (CH) Raquel PedroRegistration complete
8Cayla (CH)Cédric DousseRegistration complete
9Vollandes (CH)Erika MesmerRegistration complete
10Franchieses 2 (CH)Justine MullerRegistration complete


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Chancy Dark (CH)Célia ParéjasRegistration complete
2Chancy Wolves (CH)Célia ParéjasRegistration complete
3Trembley (CH)Jean-François RabototRegistration complete
4Franchises (CH)Max GenerowiczRegistration complete
5Hugo (CH)Ulysse SanchezRegistration complete
6Europe (CH)Cédric DousseRegistration complete
7Vollandes (CH)Erika MesmerRegistration complete
8Micheli (CH)Ulysse SanchezRegistration complete
9Otwock (PL)Paweł ŁyżwaRegistration complete
19Sion (CH)Linda Beytrison Registration complete
11Young Phoenix (FR)Cédric VuagnatRegistration complete
12Pont de Vaux (FR)Laurent BellenguezRegistration complete
13Vernier (CH)Jean-Loup RemolifRegistration complete
14Aïre (CH)Jean-Loup RemolifRegistration complete
15Piranyon (CH)Reanne MasperoRegistration complete
16Faucons (FR)Laurent BellenguezRegistration compelte
17Marnaz (FR)Cédric VuagnatRegistration compelte
18Senger (CH)Ulysse SanchezRegistration complete
19Carouge (CH)Maxime Fasler (CHRegistration complete
20Chancy (CH)Célia ParéjasRegistration complete


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Geneva C (CH)Malika EggerRegistration complete
2Geneva A (CH)Ulysse SanchezRegistration complete
3Chancy (CH)Jean-Loup RemolifRegistration complete
4Geneva B (CH)Yanis BruhinRegistration complete
5Sion (CH)Adrien HattRegistration complete
6Les Faucons (FR)Stéphane LaboureauRegistration complete
7Vernier (CH)Jean-Loup RemolifRegistration complete
8Aïre (CH)Jean-Loup RemolifRegistration complete
9Eaux-Vives (CH)Ulysse SanchezRegistration complete
10Piranyon (CH)Alexandra Castro AraujoRegistration complete
11Delémont (CH)Claude-Alain BaumeRegistration complete


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Geneva Black (CH)Unaï CorreaRegistration complete
2Geneva Mambas (CH)Steven HirtRegistration complete
3ASC Weimar (DE)Stefan AnhaltRegistration complete
4Vernier (CH)Adonis TesfamariamRegistration complete
5Pont de Vaux (FR)Stéphane LaboureauRegistration complete
6Tunisie (TN)Nooman El GabsiRegistration complete
7Phoenix (FR)Cédric VuagnatRegistration complete
8Meyrin (CH)Samantha UrbinaRegistration complete