Open & senior tournaments – Saturday 15th December


Open tournament

Senior tournament

Practical information

Open tournament


Queue d’Arve sports centre


9.00 – Welcome

10.00 – Games start

17.00 – End of the day

Senior tournament


Queue d’Arve sports centre


10.00 – Welcome

11.00 – Games start

13.15 – End of the day

Tchoukball material by Tchoukball Promotion

During the TGI I Tchoukball Promotion stand will be available. You’ll find plenty of tchoukball material such as knee pads or balls, etc… The material of this catalogue can also be ordered at the stand.

Furthermore you’ll be able to print at exceptional prices names and numbers of your choice to shirts, t-shirts, trainings, etc….

Snacks and Meals

You’ll find our snack bar at the sports centre, and we invite you to enjoy it. You’ll be able to enjoy our last selection and will help our organisation at the same time.

Final ranking

Ranking open tournament

Game plans

Game plan open: changes have to be made – the new plan will be published as soon as available. Times announced remain the same, first game at 10:00

Game plan séniors

The final ranking of tournaments will be published here at the end of the tournament day.

Registered teams


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Dxt.Ambulantes (ES)Kike Lowy GallegoRegistration complete
2Houriet (TN)Samira Chérif KafiaRegistration complete
3Delémont (CH)Nicolas MangoldRegistration complete
4Bob's pancakes (IT)Mirco CacucciRegistration complete
5Sion (CH)Linda BeytrisonRegistration complete
6RévéLyon (FR)Romain SherwinRegistration complete
7TB Leganés (ES)Fátima MartinRegistration complete
8Tunisie (TN)Nooman El GabsiRegistration complete
9TB La Roca (ES)Fátima MartinRegistration complete
10Phoenix (FR)Cédric GibertRegistration complete
11Les Taupes (CH)Mireille ConradRegistration complete
12Nyon Lakers (CH)Jérémie EstevesRegistration complete
13V. Turtles1 (CH)Laurent LudiRegistration complete
14V. Turtles2 (CH)Laurent LudiRegistration complete
15La famille (CH)David MonteiroRegistration complete
16Les comtois (FR)Manu Lethier Registration complete
17Carouge (CH)Bastien AnderesRegistration complete
18Hepia (CH)Romain Prod'homRegistration complete
19PG All Star (CH)Cédric DousseRegistration complete
20Marignier (FR)Cédric VuagnatRegistration complete
21Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)Fabien Wildi Registration complete
22AS Thonon (FR)Andrew RebourgRegistration complete


NumberTeamTeam leaderState of registration
1Séniors Genève (CH)Erika MesmerRegistration complete
2Séniors Fribourg (CH)Marlyse BangerterRegistration complete
3Equipe Brandt (CH)Erika MesmerRegistration complete