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Michel Favre shows FITB president historic places of Tchoukball

During the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors, Michel Favre, the father of Tchoukball together with Dr. Hermann Brandt, showed Mr Fang, President of the International Tchoukball Federation and Mr. Chou, president of the Asia Pacific Tchoukball Federation historic locations of Tchoukball in Geneva. They visited Rond-Point de Plainpalais 5. In this building Dr. Hermann Brandt had his medical practice on the 1st floor and lived with his wife in the 4th floor.

The tour then continued to the Sports Centre Bout-du-Monde, where ther very first international tchoukball game was played in October 1971, between Switzerland and France. The featured picture is taken now in exactly the same sports centre.

The meeting then continued with Michel Favre showing his guests all the many documents of the early days of our sport.

Taïwan won the first game of the Nations Cup 2017

Tonight we had the pleasure to assist to an amazing game between the Swiss team and Taïwan. Taïwan won the game 61-53. A lot of people was there to see this high level opening game of the 21st edition of the Tchoukball Geneva Indoors. The Swiss team has to win tomorrow if they want to follow the competition. We are waiting for you tomorrow for another day of tchoukball with categories Men, Women and U18



Live of the opening game

You can’t be there for the opening game or for the next games of the Nations Cup ? In this case, do not hesitate to follow this link that broadcasts the Nations Cup’s opening game and during all the weekend.

The most beautiful Tchoukball games

Come admire the finest Tchoukball games at the “Centre sportif de la Queue d’Arve”, Genève (MAP). Free admission, so do not hesitate to come.

Thursday, December 14, 2017: Opening game at 20:00
The Swiss men’s selection against the spectacular team from Taiwan. The party begins with the Swiss men’s national team, which is ranked n°2 in TGI ranking, which will face the Taiwanese players, who collect the titles of world champions.

Friday, December 15, 2017: The “Best of” qualifications
Qualifying matches will start at 10:00 but we have booked this “best of” for the evening:
18H40: UK A – GERMANY (Men)
21H55: AUSTRIA – ITALY A (Men)

Saturday, December 16, 2017: The semi-finals
4 games with the best teams in the tournament, who are looking to get their place in the final.
11H00: SEMI-FINAL 1st A – 2nd B (Men)
12H10: SEMI-FINAL 1st B – 2nd A (Men)
14H00: SEMI-FINAL 2nd – 3rd (Women)
15H05: SEMI-FINAL 1ST – 4TH (Women)

Saturday, December 16, 2017: The finals
The atmosphere will be electric with a lot, a lot, a lot of fun at the sports center of Queue-d’Arve!
Do not miss this show, come live it with us!
6:25 pm: FINAL (Men’s U18)
7:35 pm: FINAL (Women)
8:45 pm: FINAL (Men)

Followed by a colorful ceremony!

For all other games, see the full program here